Pet Sitting

The best hotel for your Pet(s) is your home.  We offer premier specialized pet sitting.  No need to worry about who is taking care of your pet(s) or that your dog or cat is being created and kept in confined areas while you are away. 


• Flexible schedule to meet your travel and pet(s) needs.
• No need to coordinate drop off or pick up of your pet(s)
• Same rate for up to 4 pets
• Standard half hour visits or tailored visit times.
• Daily text updates of pet(s)
• Allowing your Pet(s) the comfort of your home while your away
• Avoiding exposure to illness from other animals
• Dog and cat visits include active play time and exercise / walking.

We also offer free of charge the following Complimentary house sitting services while we are at your house providing pet sitting service: 

• Mail, trash can and newspaper retrieval
• Indoor plant care
• Notification of household issues we might observe

Dog Walking

No need to worry if your schedule is too busy or if you do not have the time to walk your dog.  Our dedicated Pet walking professionals specialize in dog walking. We offer you the option to tailor the course to be taken or will walk them locally to your house. Always consult your veterinarian before beginning any exercise program.    

Dog Running

Is an exciting new program that matches your dog with a running enthusiast that loves dogs; have you been feeling your dog needs to run more but you haven’t the time?  Than our program is the perfect choice.  Research suggests a healthy dog is a happy dog.  Medical professionals claim exercise helps prevent obesity.  It can help your dog stay in shape and keep them happy.   Always consult your veterinarian before beginning any exercise program        

Waste Clean Up

Is your dog pooping all over your property?  Our trained staff will be happy to clean up the detectable waste your pet leaves behind.  No need to worry about your family or guests stepping in poop on your lawn when you secure the services of Paws Sitting Service LLC. 

Basic Training

Dogs that have not been trained tend to act on impulse.  Your dog wants to be your best friend and is eager to learn and please you.  Our professional staff will guide you on improving your dogs listening and command skills.  Typical training consists of three sessions lasting between 30 and 45 minutes and can be tailored to meet your needs.  Our training guidance include:

• Sit and stay
• Ringing a bell when your dog wants to go out
• Learning not to charge the door when people visit
• Walking without pulling
• Going to bed on command

Paws Sitting Service, LLC is an insured, bonded, trusted and respected member of your community.

• Pet Sitting
• Dog Walking
• Dog Running
• Waste Clean Up
• Basic Training
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