Our pet services are professionally designed to comfort your loved one while you are away. 
We treat each and every pet with love and respect. Our staff prides themselves on the level of care and pampering we provide.

All clients receive a free compatibility meeting.  We will come to meet you and your loved pet(s).  We take the time so that we may get to know you and for you to know and trust us.  Each visit we will text you a picture of your pet and will update you on how they are.  We also record our visits utilizing a GoPro recording device.

Our goal is for your loved pet(s) to have an enjoyable time while you are away, for you not to worry about them and for you to have peace of mind that your house is also being looked after.  No need to worry about who will take in your mail, your trash cans and if you want lights to be turned on and off.

Paws Sitting Service, LLC is an insured, bonded, trusted and respected member of your community.


• Pet Sitting
• Dog Walking
• Dog Running
• Waste Clean Up
• Basic Training
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Your pets deserve the best. We provide premium in-home sitting services specifically tailored to your pets needs. Our personal attention, caring and compassionate approach will give you the peace of mind you desire.
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